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Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park

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Sariska National Park : Originally a hunting preserve of the erstwhile alwar state, Sariska enjoyed a formidable reputations one of the India's few wildlife parks, that guaranteed tiger sightings. Infact, it was thanks to its impressive tiger population that Sariska was originally afforded protection by the erstwhile Alwar state - these grounds were once the hunting preserve of tiger - happy royals who had goats tied to poles to attract tigers for their Shikar outings. Such diversions were consigned to the past when conservation became the buzzword and Sariska was made a project Tiger reserve.

As at Ranthmbore national park, also in Rajasthan this park's contains ruined temples as well as a fout and pavilions built by the Maharajas of Alwar. Ironically, yoday Sariska has come to represent everything that is wrong with India's forest protection efforts, a telling comment on the extent of neglect this beautiful reserve suffered. In early 2004, the nation awoke in disbelief to the news that rampant poaching had wiped out the entire tiger population in Sariska despite its
tragedy, Sariska still contributes to the conservation of the beast that remains India's enduring emblem - for condition of our Sanctuaries that began with sariska story is now firmly on the national agenda. This unfortunate story forms the backdrop to any visit to sariska yet the pauki history there's the sight of the first hill burnished with the wet leaves of dhok, or Angelicas Pendula, as one crosses over the hill into kalighati vally. There's the leave fringed avenue of dhok that greets the visitor at the old gate leading to Kanwari, Overgrown on both sides with old trees of guler and pikhan. There's the sight of an explosion of blue leaded quail, of the deep pools of pallias fishing eagles watching for pray from nearby evergreen trees.

About Sariska :

Home of the majestic tiger sariska was established as a tiger reserve in 1978. Before independence, the reserve was part of the erstwhile Alwar state. Sariska was declared a sanctuary in 1955 and became a tiger reserve in 1978. In 1955, hunting, shooting, trapping or capturing of wild animals was made illegal. In 1958, the reserve was upgraded to a sanctuary and later areas contiguous to the Sanctuary were also included. A primary notification declaring the core area of the reserve as national park was made in 1982. The final notification is still pending, on reserves boundaries and rights of villagers living in the park are yet to be settled. A area of 866 sq. km fall under the project tiger reserve.
The Kanwari Fort, the ancient shive neelkanth temples that date back to the 6th - 13th century A.D and the palace built by the Maharajas of alwar, now converted into a hotel are all great sights.

There are 16 revenue villages and associated guadas or cattle camps inside its boundaries. The seemi - wild aravali forests suffers suffers from enormous human and livestock pressures. The huge no. of pilgrims visiting the temples in sariska has also put pressure on the forest. If only these acres were afforded protection, these semi arid forests could well support high unregulated population (Camel, horses, hippos and other harbivorus mammals) and exhibit rich predator diversity.

Area: The present area of the park is 866 sq. km. The park is situated 107 km north east of the state capital jaipur.

Nearest Town: Alwar (21 Km)
Time To Visit: The park is open throught the year for pilgrims to pandupol but in the rains its closed for wildlife visits. The most comfortable time to go is nov. to mar. through the best wildlife viewing is during the warmer months.
Species Found : Leopard, Jungle cat, hyna, jackal, Chital, Sambhai, Langur, Wild boar, horned dear (Chowsingha) and several species of birds.
STD Code: 0144

Forest Type: Tropical dry deciduous forest and tropical through forest.

Sightseeing in Sariska Wildlife: Sariska wildlife gives you a chance to see langur and nilgai and many birds such as the white kingfisher, but apart from the wildlife and forest itself part of Sariska allure has always been the no. of places of historical interest such as temples and monuments in its vicinity.

Aravalli Drive: There are no government vehicles so you'll need at rent a jeep. Gypsies are typically available near the park office and at tigers den and at hotels. As its difficult to rent jeeps keep your vahicle for the duration of your trip.
Temple trail:
Neelkanth Mahadevan
Bhartrihari Temple

Sariska National Park: Sariska National Park attractions - Four-Horned Deer, Carecal, Leopard

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